Aoun meets UNFPA’s Kanim, says Lebanon keen on pluralism in the face of displacement

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, welcomed at Baabda Palace on Wednesday the Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Dr. Natalia Kanim.

"Lebanon is endeavouring to promote the rights of women and children and to enhance their participation in the country's political life," Aoun told his visitor.

"Freedom of expression is safeguarded in Lebanon, and the independence of the judiciary is effective. The best conditions for prisoners are maintained, and their rights are guaranteed," Aoun told the UN official.

"The state encourages Lebanese women to be effective in the field of legislation, and women are appointed in several positions within the executive branch," Aoun added.

The President also explained to Kanim achievements on the economic level, starting with the adoption of a modern economic reform plan, reaching the national security plan through which terrorist threats have been eliminated. He also briefed her on the achievement of parliamentary elections "on the basis of proportionality for the first time in Lebanon's history, which enabled the representation of all the Lebanese alike."

The President of the Republic stressed ongoing efforts to form a new government and to begin the completion of reforms, as well as to take advantage of decisions and recommendations of the international conferences such as CEDRE, Rome 2, and Brussels.

Moreover, Aoun stressed Lebanon's keenness on preserving cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in the region, especially in the face of attempts at displacement and division.

In turn, Kanim expressed her pleasure to visit Lebanon, and thanked President Aoun for receiving her with her accompanying delegation.

Kanim praised the relations linking Lebanon to the United Nations organizations in general, and to the United Nations Population Fund in specific.

"We are looking forward to strengthening this cooperation under the auspices and care of President Aoun," she said.

The UN diplomat lauded that "the existing partnership with the Lebanese National Commission for Lebanese Women, headed by Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz," hoping that Lebanese women will participate more and more in the Lebanese political life.

Source: National News Agency