Aoun on Labor Day: Transforming Lebanese economy into a productive one creates new jobs

President of the Republic Michel Aoun congratulated Lebanese workers on International Labor Day in a public statement from Baabda today, expressing his keenness on transforming the Lebanese economy to a productive one, which will help create new job opportunities for the Lebanese youth.

President Aoun saluted all the laborers working in all fields and commended their efforts, commitment and devotion for the sake of securing their livelihood, stressing at the same time, "the role of the state through its regulatory and judicial apparatuses in consolidating the principle of accountability and applying it without discrimination.

Aoun promised that he would be working on achieving the aspirations and protecting the workers so that their dignity remained intact.

"I will spare no effort to promote the conditions of workers, preserve their rights and protect them from the competition of foreigners, which are negatively affecting the social security," Aoun added.

Aoun concluded by saying that "laborers are the engine of the country's productive and economic rise, despite all the difficulties that they face, especially the danger of the unemployment in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency