Aoun says contacts underway to sign agreements with countries supporting Human Academy

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said that "the achievement of 165 countries voting on the establishment of the 'Human Academy for Encounter and Dialogue' in Lebanon, once again confirms the confidence of the international community in Lebanon and its role as a platform for interaction between civilizations, ethnicities, denominations and sects. Lebanon shoulders a great responsibility."

President Aoun pointed out that "the executive steps to establish the Academy started in the wake of the United Nations resolution, which includes legal, logistic, administrative and academic aspects, while continuing to communicate with the countries that supported the Lebanese initiative, and which exceeded 176, with the aim of signing joint agreements with them."

President Aoun's remarks came during his meeting at the Baabda Palace with Minister of Culture, Mohammad Daoud Daoud, who briefed the President on the conditions of his ministry and the projects he intends to implement for the celebration of the first centennial of the declaration of the State of Greater Lebanon."

Source: National News Agency