Aoun underscores commitment to CEDRE recommendations

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Friday underlined Lebanon's commitment to the CEDRE Conference recommendations, in parallel with the implementation of the economic recovery plan approved by the caretaker government to enhance production sectors.

President Aoun's stance came during his meeting this morning at the Baabda palace with a joint delegation of the French National Association, and the French Senate, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher.

The delegation is currently in Lebanon on a fact-finding mission and to express solidarity and support for Lebanon at the various levels.

Aoun highlighted the importance of Lebanese-French relations, as well as the commitment to strengthen them, hailing the role of the French contingent operating within UNIFIL in south Lebanon, in safeguarding security and stability.

Shedding light on the impact of the displaced Syrian's dossier on Lebanon's economy, security and social structure, the President pointed out that Lebanon nowadays supports the safe return of these people to their country, especially after the end of fighting in many Syrian territories.

"The vast majority of displaced Syrians have forcibly left their areas because of the fighting that was going on... and obviously, with the cessation of military confrontations, they can successively return to their homeland," Aoun said.

"Those [refugees] who have returned so far from Lebanon to Syria have not reported any abuse cases," said Presiden, stressing that international assistance should be provided to encourage them to return home.

Aoun reaffirmed that Lebanon can not wait for a political solution in Syria to allow the return of displaced people, because, as he said, the Palestinian experience has shown that 70 years have passed since the Nakba and the Palestinians who resorted to the Arab countries, are still awaiting such a political solution.

In response to a question, the head of state stressed that "the Lebanese decision is independent and sovereign", adding that Lebanon will not accept any tampering attempt with its sovereignty, independence and free decision.

Aoun underlined that "Lebanon and its people want peace and security, whereas Israel continues its violations of Lebanese sovereignty and international resolutions, in addition to its aggression against the Palestinians, thus impeding the realization of a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the Middle East crisis," he said.

On a different note, President Aoun cabled Jordan's King, Abdullah II, offering condolences on the fallen victims of the torrential floods in the Dead Sea.

Aoun also welcomed at the Baabda palace German Ambassador to Lebanon, George Birgelen, with whom he discussed most recent developments, in addition to the Lebanese-German relations.

Source: National News Agency