Aoun: We’ll overcome hardship, Lebanon will not collapse

President Michel Aoun on Friday maintained that Lebanon is capable of overcoming the current hardship and that it will not collapse, vowing to use all means to rescue the country and its ailing economic situation.

"We will use all possible means in order to rescue Lebanon from the tough economic situation it is going through," the President told a delegation from Father Michel Khalife School in Fanar.

"We will not allow Lebanon's collapse even though the crisis is indeed hard; yet we are bound to succeeding in the rescue process," he said.

"I am upbeat and I cannot be pessimistic," he added.

"I shall keep working to preserve the morale of the Lebanese people, and in the same time, I will push our case forward," he stressed.

"We are facing a difficult situation which we are capable of overcoming," he underlined.

"I reassure you, Lebanon will not collapse," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency