Arab condemnation for the Turkish Operation in Afrin and Iranian interference in the affairs of Arab countries

BAGHDAD, The Arab Foreign Ministers in Riyadh condemned the military operation carried out by Turkey in Afrin and the Iranian interference in the affairs of Arab countries.

According to the Agence France-Presse, the Ministers in the draft resolutions that they adopted at the end of their preparatory meeting for the 29th Arab summit to be held in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia, they rejected the operation by the Turkish forces in the region of Afrin, northern Syria, considering that it “undermine the ongoing efforts to find political solutions to the Syrian crisis .

They also condemned the “intensified military escalation” in the eastern Ghouta, days after the alleged chemical attack in Douma near Damascus.

The Ministers renewed their condemnation of what they called “Iranian interference” in the affairs of Arab countries, especially referring to Syria, where Iran supports the Syrian government, and accuses Arab countries of Tehran supporting the Houthis, which Iran denies.

On the Palestinian issue, the Arab Ministers reiterated their rejection of the United States decision to transfer the US Embassy to Al-Quds, saying it was “worthless” and constituted a “serious breach of international law, Security Council resolutions and the UN General Assembly.”

The Ministers stressed that East Quds “is the capital of the Palestinian state,” calling for the activation of a “financial safety net” of $ 100 million a month “in support of the State of Palestine to cope with financial pressures and crises.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency