Arab Foreign Ministers wrap up meeting in Cairo

Cairo, The 151st meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers Council ended in Cairo today, under the chairmanship of Somalia.

Ahmad bin Abdulaziz Qattan, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led his country's delegation to the meeting.

Following the meeting, Dr. Ahmed Abulghait, Secretary General of the Arab League, and Ahmed Isa Awad, Foreign Minister of Somalia, held a joint conference to brief the press on the outcomes of the meeting.

It was decided that, as of the coming Arab economic summit, usually being held every four years, the regular Arab political summit will be held to coincide with the regular economic summit, with any of them precedes or comes after the other by one day at the host country, they disclosed to journalists.

Abulghait said view points of the members of the participants in the meeting were absolutely identical and positive, citing that the whole discussion did not take more than two hours.

He also disclosed that the Arab foreign ministers will hold their preparatory meeting for the forthcoming Arab political and economic summits scheduled for Tunisia at the end of current March one or two days before the summit meetings.

Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Nugali, the Kingdom's ambassador to Egypt and his country's permanent representative to the Arab League, attended the meetings.

On the sidelines of the just-concluded foreign ministers meeting, the Arab ministerial committee in charge of tackling Israeli plots in Africa, held a meeting under the chairmanship of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the Arab quartet in charge of Iranian interference in Arab affairs, also held a meeting presided over by the United Arab Emirates in the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency