Aramco Plays Host to Newspaper Editors, Opinion Leaders

Dhahran, Saudi Aramco company has played host to a delegation of 26 newspaper editors and senior opinion leaders, in Kkingdom, as part of its outreach programs to media and writers, to introduce the company's business developments and strategic directions, locally as well as internationally.

Guests of the company have met with the Saudi Aramco President and Chief Executive Officer Eng. Amin Al-Nasser and members of the company's senior management.

The President of Saudi Aramco spoke about the most important developments achieved by Saudi Aramco in 2019, its financial and operational excellence to maintain its reliability as the best energy supplier in the world.

Commenting to sabotage attacks in Khurais and Biqaiq, Eng. Nasser stressed that the company has successfully made positive response to those events, which contributed to the restoration of production in record time to the levels that preceded those attacks.

Our response was unprecedented in its speed and flexibility with the efforts of Saudi Aramco employees, where more than 10 large fires were put out in less than 7 hours, in an area filled with highly flammable hydrocarbons, and no casualties were reported in our staff and residential areas around us, he said.

Few companies can do this, and because of the speed and professionalism of Saudi Aramco employees to respond to this incident, we have been able to prevent disruptions to energy markets and the global economy, he added.

Al-Nasser explained that Saudi Aramco was able to ensure that no shipment was delayed or canceled due to these attacks, but that we have restored our production to the same level as before the incident, and will continue to fulfill its mission of providing the energy needed by the country and the world.

At the same time, it continues its efforts and is ready to offer a percentage of its shares for subscription, he stated.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Aramco is a major global force in the exploration and production sector, and has a fixed base of very large crude oil reserves and production capacity reached in 2018 to 10.3 million barrels of oil per day, and the company is characterized by low-cost production, innovative capabilities and world-class technology, he stated.

It has a large financial capacity and a huge base of trained and dedicated human resources, which is its most precious resource ever, he highlighted.

The company has a giant gas network where gas production in 2018 reached 8.9 billion standard cubic feet per day, and the company has recently started to produce unconventional gas, and is on its way to expand the gas network, which will increase its share of clean gas in local facilities to make it the highest percentage among the countries of the G20.

The company also has a program to invest in gas business globally, making Saudi Aramco, on track to become a global force in the gas business as well as in the oil market.

Source: Saudi Press Agency