Army Chief from Baalbek: No security plan but continuous security measures

Lebanese Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, indicated Saturday that there is no existing security plan but ongoing security measures that are increased/decreased in accordance with available information and indications.

Aoun's words came during his visit to Baalbek earlier today, where he held a wide meeting with its dignitaries in the presence of Baalbek-Hermel Governor, Bashir Khodr.

"Baalbek-Hermel is like any other Lebanese area, and it is not out of the law as some try to portray...The army is present in the region along with the rest of the security forces, and we are not the only ones responsible for its improved security situation, but also the people who have contributed to its stability through their devotion and sense of belonging to their city," said Aoun.

"The journey is long but not difficult, and hand-in-hand we can to complete it," the Army Chief assured, adding, "The Baalbek International Festivals have reflected the true image of the city. Despite the rumors, the audience was great. Even those who were hesitant about the security situation decided to come back again, and the world sees Baalbek as the city of civilization and history."

"The Lebanese army has lost 800 martyrs from Baalbek-Hermel in defense of all of Lebanon, from north to south and from east to west, and this is another proof that Baalbek is at the heart of the nation and in the heart of the army...and this is something we are all proud of," General Aoun asserted.

He stressed on "the role of the media in showing the real and civilized facet of Baalbek, while avoiding mere focus on negative aspects that contributes to the distortion of the image of Baalbek and its people.

Source: National News Agency