Asi Calls On Political Blocs To Declare A Clear Position On Exporting Iraqi Oil In Kurdistan And Hand Revenues Through SOMO And Unification Of Customs’ Fees

KIRKUK Arab leader Sheikh Burhan Mezher al-Asi called for the federal government to pressure the Kurdistan region to extradite those wanted for terrorism.

He said in a press statement that we in Kirkuk today live stable and fair and balanced thanks to the federal forces and its law enforcement, but we are still witnessing attitudes, behaviors and statements by some fugitives who launch statements supporting the division of Iraq and chaos and raise the flag of Kurdistan in addition to harboring wanted terrorists and criminal cases in Erbil.

He added that it is impossible to remain silent about the threat to Iraq and its security and the stability of Kirkuk, calling on the political blocs to declare a clear position on the unity of the situation of the export of Iraqi oil in the Kurdistan region and hand revenues through SOMO and standardization customs' fees.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency