At a UN Security Council session, Kuwait denounces the cowardly attack on two Saudi oil facilities

New York, At a United Nations Security Council session to discuss the situation in Yemen last Saturday, Kuwait's permanent representative to the United Nations Mansour Al-Otaibi denounced in the strongest terms the hostile attack on two Saudi Aramco oil facilities, depicting it as a flagrant violation of the international law as well as the UN charter, vowing his country's full support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as all the measures being taken to preserve its security, stability and territorial integrity.

He called for enforcing the UN resolutions related measures on weapons non-proliferation.

On the other hand, he expressed support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's endeavor to host talks in the city of Jeddah between the Yemeni government and representatives of the Southern Yemeni transitional council, hoping that the talks would conduce into the restoration of security and stability as well as the preservation of Yemen's unity and sovereignty.

The Kuwaiti representative reiterated calling on the Yemeni parties to fully implement the three elements of Stockholm Agreement.

Source: Saudi Press Agency