Aviation Investigations Bureau issues another statement on the Indian Jet Airways incident

Riyadh, Pursuant to its previous statement on the Indian Jet Airways flight incident whereas the flight bound from Riyadh to Mumbai carrying 144 passengers and seven crew has skidded off the runway during taking off at King Khalid international airport last Friday, the Aviation Investigations Bureau today said that according to preliminary investigations, the plane has started its taking off process from the K ground runway, allocated for planes' passing only, instead of the R33 designed for taking off; and as the plane was accelerating along the ground passage, the vision was bright without any obstacles; then, the plane completed its ground journey up to the end of the ground passage's unpaved zone to stop in the vicinity of the exit of G4 ground passage.

The statement added that the fire fighting and Rescue squad plunged into action within a record time of less than one minute following the stoppage of the plane and receiving the stress signal. The plane was evacuated of all passengers and crew via the emergency, and the sliding exits of the plane to safety and without any casualties.

The statement also explained that the Aviation Investigation Bureau immediately opened an investigation into the reasons and accompanying circumstances of the incident, with the participation of the Indian Aviation Incidents Investigations Bureau.

Source: Saudi Press Agency