Axis Alliance: We do not deal with one party without another, and our negotiations with the Kurds reached advanced stages

Baghdad, The National Axis Alliance stressed that they do not deal with one party without another in the political process, noting that negotiations with the Kurdish forces reached advanced stages.

The Alliance said in a press statement that the leadership of the National Axis and its negotiating team continues in its meetings with the blocs and alliances winning in the recent parliamentary elections, especially as the recent events have proved to all the unity of the Iraqi Decision within the National Axis."

"The National Axis will continue dialogues and meetings with everyone on the basis of a negotiating paper that includes its vision to build the state and its obligations towards its citizens in the areas liberated from the control of terrorist Daesh," adding that "the coalition stands at one distance from all the announced alliances."

He pointed out that "negotiations with the Kurdish side reached advanced stages, in preparation for signing a document that could be the basis for rebuilding the state on a sound basis."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency