Backing initiatives for autistic patients stressed

Labour and Social Development Minister Jamil bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan received Northern Governor Ali bin Al Shaikh Abdul Hussain Al Asfoor and President of Bahrain Autism Society Zakariya Sayed Hashim. They reviewed a proposal to organise a summer camp for autistic people in July as part of the summer youth camp that is organised by the Northern Governorate every year. The programme aims to develop the intellectual and physical skills of autistic people and boost their capability to integrate the community apart from direct guidance through playing and learning.

The Labour and Social Development Minister praised cooperation between the Northern Governorate and Bahrain Autism Society, lauding the society's role in promoting the principles of community partnership and implementing programmes aimed at people with autism. He stressed the ministry's readiness to provide all needed support to ensure success of the camp in attaining set up goals.

The Northern Governor and Bahrain Autism Society President hailed the ministry's efforts to optimise its services for all social components, including mainly autistic patients and needy people. They also underlined the importance of maintaining cooperation with the government and non-government institutions in order to promote the humanitarian and social role of this category of people.

Source: Bahrain News Agency