Bahraini women’s landmark strides highlighted

The National Communication Centre (NCC) highlighted Bahraini’s women’s strides and their landmark achievements across all fields, which earned them regional and international recognition.

Responding to a forum held by Qatari Aljazeera Channel on the status of women in the Gulf and the Arab World, especially Bahrain, it said that the event comes within a series of fallacies and lapses that are far from professional media, targeting, beyond any doubt, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“Aljazeera Channel’s fallacies deliberately ignore the achievements of Bahraini women at various levels. It would have been more appropriate to rise up their slogans of credibility and impartiality to address the situation of women in Qatar, from which Al Jazeera broadcasts its programmes”, said the NCC.

In a statement today, it said that Bahraini women enjoy a great deal of support, which provides them with renewed opportunities to upgrade their choices towards production, creativity and development.

It highlighted Bahrain’s and policies aimed at implementing the principle of equal opportunities between women and men across all sectors, with the aim of advancing women and allowing their active participation in decision-making and implementation processes.

“All media platforms and accusatory voices will not discourage the Kingdom from implementing its vision aimed at the advancement of Bahraini women, within a framework of family and societal cohesion, and in a manner that enables them to increase their positive contributions to the comprehensive development process”, said the NCC statement.

Source: Bahrain News Agency