Bahrainouna hails the role of private sector partners

Manama: Bahrainouna’s Executive Office Director Hala Sulaiman stressed that the interaction and engagement of all national partners in implementing “Bahrainouna” the national plan’s initiatives are moving forward steadily.


Hala said that the implementation of the plan’s initiatives is primarily based on partnership with all organizations in the public and private sectors and the NGOs to achieve the set goals, as part of the directives of the Follow-up Committee of the Plan led by the Minister of Interior General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.


The national efforts have contributed to the endorsement of 105 initiatives through 25 ministries and organizations with 81% of them being implemented as part of the main pillars – belonging programs, public relations and media campaigns, curricula and legislative, she said.


National performance indicators are being developed to measure changes in the attitudes of citizens towards patriotism and national values, as well as the measurement of the effectiveness of the initiatives and their impact on the community.


She highlighted the role of the private sector organizations as national partners in the implementation of the plan’s initiatives, stressing they have a distinguished collaborative role based on their belief and dedication to the real national meanings of the community partnership.


Hala hailed the role of the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK) as a national strategic partner to the plan, as one of the major banks and financial organizations in Bahrain that believe in partnership and community responsibility.


BBK’s Group Chief Executive Dr. Abdulrahman Saif emphasized the bank’s role to be a national partner in the implementation of “Bahrainouna” initiatives that aims to promote national values.


He expressed thanks and appreciation to the Interior Minister for the sincere national efforts and distinguished roles in promoting patriotic values, and ensuring the successful implementation of the plan’s initiatives.


“The Bahraini identity is genuine and solid in all Bahrainis, and all of us are ambassadors of our beloved country, Bahrain, and we are honored to play a part in reinforcing our unique culture and values for all those who live in Bahrain,” he said.


He highlighted the bank’s pioneering role in achieving community responsibility and partnership and backing everything that could contribute to Bahrain’s national development and prosperity.


To achieve community partnership and responsibility, BBK supports various initiatives and NGOs that serve the community, especially with the current extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, he added.


The bank has taken a series of decisions and procedures to reinforce its community role, including supporting the ‘Feena Khair’ and “Together We Care” campaigns to back Asian workers who have been affected by the coronavirus, postponement of instalments for six months and donating and contributing to many national campaigns to promote precautionary measures against coronavirus.



Source: Bahrain News Agency