Bakhtiar Shaways: The Kurds are waiting for the decision of the Federal Court regarding the largest bloc

BAGHDAD, The PUK MP Bakhtiar Shaways said that "the Kurds are waiting for the decision of the Federal Supreme Court regarding the largest bloc."

He told to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the Kurds will organize with those who undertake a law to implement the constitutional demands of the people of the province to move the country into a new reality to strengthen the democratic political process."

"We demand the resolution of crises in all over the country and not our demand for the Kurdistan region only because we represent all the people and our vision stems from attention to all provinces as we look to Kurdistan."

A parliamentary source announced last Saturday that there is a trend towards an alliance between Saeron and Fatah to form the largest bloc and the government cabins.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency