Barham Saleh: The Constitution is the solution to solve problems and Halabja represents the will of the resistance

Sulaymaniyah President of the Republic Barham Saleh stressed that the city of Halabja will be the capital of peace and that the actual reconstruction and peace will be launched and no room for any tyrant to return again.

Saleh thanked ,in a Speech during a wreath on the monument of the martyrs in Halabja, the people of Halabja for the warm welcome, noting that his visit to the Martyrs' Monument is a message that they will always be in the service of martyrs, especially as Halabja reflects the suffering of the Kurdish people and all Iraqis, to the aggression of a sinner and tyranny of unprecedented horror and persecution embodied in the bombing that claimed the lives of thousands of unarmed civilians in this city, which became the title of the crimes of the former regime.

He added that Halabja represented the will of the resistance, the advancement and reconstruction, the victims of the chemical bombardment in Halabja, the victims of the mass graves and the rest of the other provinces, and all the martyrs of Iraq, expressing a past that must not be forgotten and no room for the return of tyranny again.

The President of the Republic said we have entrusted ourselves with a constitution to govern and solve the problems. This new stage in the history of Iraq is an important stage: the stage of defeating terrorism and its benefits from reconstruction, the return of the displaced people, the treatment of political problems and respect for the lives of the martyrs because they offered dear and generous for the freedom of this country and our duty is to be at their service and to be fair to their families.

Barham Saleh said in his speech that we want Halabja to be be the capital of peace in effect and we will go together in all parts of Iraq for reconstruction and peace and will not leave room for any tyrant to return again.

The President of the Republic said that Iraq has suffered great tragedies and today the interest of the people of Kurdistan is to cooperate together to rely on the constitution to protect the rights of all components of the Iraqi people so as not to repeat the injustices and tragedies of the past, we must not allow again the return of repressive authority to the forefront.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency