Barham Saleh to a delegation of / Saeron /: The need to work together to promote the establishment of national unity and the building of a modern state

BAGHDAD, President Barham Saleh stressed the need to work together to strengthen national unity and build a modern state.

"Barham Saleh received today at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, a delegation of Saeron bloc headed by Nassar al-Rubaie, who blessed him, on behalf of his bloc and its supporters, to take up his Presidential duties officially."

Saleh expressed his deep appreciation to the leader of the Sadrist Movement for the success of the national project and the formation of a government sponsor of the interests of Iraqis, and his thanks and happiness of the visit and the spirit of support and solidarity expressed by the delegation.

He stressed "his strong confidence and his great hope that the next phase will see a new and effective start of the country towards the exit from the stage of frustration and failure to build the institutions of the modern state, which carries the Iraqi people patience and dear sacrifices to see them come true.

He stressed the importance of comprehensive cooperation, high coordination and mutual respect between the legislative and executive authorities, stressing that "the presidency will pay serious attention to abide by the constitution and deepen institutional relations with the government and all state organs and work on legislation of deferred or required laws, foremost of which is the Water Resources Law.

Saleh pointed out the need to start constructive work together to strengthen national unity as the cornerstone of building a modern state to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people and develop the federal democratic system, as well as to improve the security and service reality in the country and fight corruption and administrative slack."

For their part, the delegation stressed "their high confidence in the ability of the President of the Republic to play an active and vital role to ensure the next stage to achieve the constructive change expected by the Iraqis and meet their aspirations for progress and security and prosperity."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency