Barzani bloc: New Negotiations To Join Kurdish Blocs To The Kurdistan Alliance Again

Baghdad, The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) revealed new negotiations to re-join the Kurdish parties and blocs in the Federal Council of Representatives to the Kurdistan Alliance again.

MP Bashar al-Kiki said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) "There are joint committees and there are negotiations on the possibility of joining all parties and other Kurdish blocs in the Federal House of Representatives under the tent of the Kurdistan Alliance again for the current legislative session," pointed that "PUK and PUK parties are engaged in current understandings separately with the four parties. "

He added that "the positions of the President of the Republic and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament are resolved for the Kurds, but we have not yet agreed on selecting suitable personalities for both positions," noting that "naming the candidates of the President of the Republic and Vice-Speaker of Parliament depends on a unified Kurdish agreement of the parties concerned."

It is mentioned that four Kurdish parties, the Alliance of Democracy, the Change Movement, the Islamic Group and the Islamic Union, announced late last month the formation of a coalition of the four blocs in the Iraqi parliament.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency