Bassil after bloc meeting: Situation difficult but not impossible

President of the Free Patriotic Movement, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, said after the weekly meeting of the "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc that "the difference between the previous budget and this budget is that we were demanding reforms, and today we demand the issuance of the budget quickly. But, it may not be issued unless reforms are accompanying it."

"We are forced to achieve these reforms, including electricity and waste," he stressed, noting that "reform should include everything, without any protection or privileges. This economic pain may be an occasion to correct accumulations.

He stressed that "the Lebanese have the right not to believe us and refuse to sacrifice," pointing out that "implementation must begin today, if there is a genuine political intent and real ideas. Today, we launch in the name of the bloc a campaign we name 'implement'. (...) We can finalize the budget quickly, with the required reforms."

"The situation is difficult but not impossible," Bassil asserted, pointing at "the consequences of an economic plot against Lebanon."

"Banks and markets must realize that there is a new circumstance that forces them to reduce their interests," the Foreign Minister added in this context.

"We are invited to meet on October 13 and achieve the goals for which our martyrs sacrificed their lives," he urged in conclusion.

Source: National News Agency