(*) Bassil says there is still room for rescue away from void promises

After his meeting with the President of the Republic and in wake of the popular movements in the streets, Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister Gebran Bassil addressed the Lebanese this afternoon, considering that what happened is an accumulation of crises and failures that have led to the people's explosion, noting that their movements are understandable and things might be more grave if not rectified."

Bassil deemed that the possibility of rescue in a few days still exists, away from void promises. We have to meet and work despite the presence of people in the street, he said.

What is happening must strengthen the position of the President, our position and that of all reformers," he stressed, accusing "some insiders" of "waging an economic war on Lebanon and calling for the downfall of the mandate, riding a genuine popular wave and trying to divert it from its rightful goals."

He stressed that the other undesirable option is chaos in the street, far-reaching sedition in the country.

Bassil announced his readiness to ask ministers and deputies of the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc to follow suit in lifting their banking secrecy.

Source: National News Agency