Bassil to ambassadors at Foreign Ministry: Israel does not implement UN resolutions

Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Monday underlined that Lebanon is committed to the international law and resolutions, saying Israel does not respect the international organization nor implement its resolutions.

"Israel did not respect Resolution #1701 and has violated our land, air and sea 1417 times in the last eight months," Bassil said during his meeting with accredited ambassadors to Lebanon and diplomatic missions, who called on him at the Villas Boustros upon his invitation.

Minister Bassil intended to meet with the accredited ambassadors in order to respond and refute the alleged claims by Israeli enemy Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, about the existence of missile depots near the International Rafic Hariri Airport.

"Israel seeks through these allegations to justify a new assault on Lebanon," Bassil told ambassadors, asking them to join him on an inspection visits on the Israeli-alleged missile sites.

Bassil also emphasized that Lebanon won't accept that the United Nations General Assembly be used as a platform to assault Lebanon's sovereignty.

The Minister underlined Lebanon's right to defend itself and use all the legitimate resistance means to liberate its land from the Israeli occupation.

Bassil also stressed that Lebanon refuses the presence of rocket platforms in the vicinity of Beirut airport, stressing that Lebanon is a country which wants to live in peace and to defend itself.

Source: National News Agency