Bassil windsup Diaspora Energy Conference: Our success in electricity, environment, economy and foreign affairs belongs to all, and our failure affects us all

Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister Gebran Bassil stressed Sunday that the state's success in the electricity, environment, economy and foreign affairs' dossiers is a success that belongs to all the Lebanese, while its failure in any of these fields would impact all Lebanese as well.

"Our success is a success for all in electricity, environment, economy and foreign affairs, and our failure is a failure for all of us," he asserted.

Bassil's words came at the closing of the works of the 4th Diaspora Energy Conference held for two days in North America, with around 800 Lebanese expatriates residing in the United States and Canada attending.

"The biggest challenge lies not in the oil extraction, economy, waste and electricity issues, but rather in maintaining Lebanon's grandiosity because there are those who want it small and accustomed to their size," Bassil underscored.

He went on to indicate that "there are two teams competing in Lebanon, the first continuously nagging, complaining and cursing over the electricity, waste and economy dossiers, whilst the second sows hope and brainstorms for solutions to the waste and electricity issues."

"You decide which image you want for Lebanon," he told the attending audience.

"Whenever I meet you, my heart grows with joy through you, and then I feel sad when we part. You are the true image of Lebanon...Your belonging to Lebanon brings you together, and your Lebanese identity is one of diversity and openness," Bassil corroborated.

"You preserve your belonging to Lebanon by registering your birth records at embassies, regaining your nationality, participating in parliamentary elections, consuming Lebanese products and making investments in your motherland, Lebanon," he urged the Lebanese emigrants.

"Carry Lebanon's cause in your daily life and defend it in your countries of residence...Visit your land of roots and get acquainted with its environment, and touristic and religious landmarks, taste its rich cuisine...Participate as you did today in proposing solutions to its environmental problems, treating its waste issue, enhancing its exports and transferring expertise to it and boosting its work opportunities," Bassil maintained.

"Lebanon is majestic through its Lebanese residing citizen and emigrant," he underlined.

Bassil concluded his word by setting a date for the upcoming Diaspora Conference in July 2020, and invited Lebanese emigrants to come to Beirut to participate especially that the Conference coincides with the celebration of the centenary of the foundation of the "State of Greater Lebanon".

At the end of the work session, Minister Bassil and Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati, alongside a large number of participants, planted Lebanon's cedar in the garden of the hotel which hosted the Conference in Washington.

In its recommendations, the Conference called for boosting the strong relations between the Lebanese and American peoples, and the contribution of Lebanese emigrants in building the Lebanese economy and investing it its available opportunities.

It is to note that Minister Bassil will be visiting Virginia on his way to New York, where he will join the Lebanese delegation headed by President Michel Aoun to partake in the UN General Assembly.

Source: National News Agency