Berri discusses with CEDRE’s Duquesne conference outcome

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, welcomed at his Ein Teeneh residence on Thursday Pierre Duquesne, the French leader in charge of organizing CEDRE "The Conference for Development and Reform with Businesses", who visited him in the company of French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher.

Talks featured high on the outcome of CEDRE Conference and the implementation of its decisions. The meeting also touched on the laws that must be implemented for good management of administration in Lebanon, as well as on Rome Conference.

In turn, the French official praised the efforts of the Lebanese Parliament, which had approved a series of laws relating to "CEDRE" Conference.

The importance of swiftly forming a new government also topped talks during Berri's meeting with the French delegation.

The head of Parliament then met with former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, with whom he discussed the general situation in the country, as well as the government dossier.

On emerging, Mikati said that he was optimistic about the formation of the lengthily awaited government.

"We have been exposing Lebanon to social and economic challenges, as well as to regional and international pressures instead of endeavoring to protect it; we're unfortunately allowing these foreign pressures to have a negative impact on the country, Mikati added.

Source: National News Agency