Berri from Geneva: Security in Syria safety net for Iraq and Lebanon, gives hope to Palestinian

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is participating in the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, while remaining in contact with Beirut in the context of following up on the formation of the government.

Berri told the accompanying media delegation that there is progress in the government formation process, expressing hope to agree, soon, on the full composition of the cabinet.

In Geneva, Berri met with the Iranian parliamentary delegation participating in these meetings, headed by MP Fatima Husseini, in the presence of MPs Yassin Jaber and Michel Moussa.

The head of the Iranian parliamentary delegation praised the relations between Lebanon and Iran, and the role played by Speaker Berri in addressing many issues in Lebanon and the region.

"Iran supports Lebanon in all areas and in its battle against the Israeli enemy and terrorism," she said.

Berri, in turn, reiterated appreciation to Iran's "support for the resistance in Lebanon, which is an important factor along with the unity of the Lebanese."

"The existence of terrorism represented by Daeh and Al-Nusra was aimed at distracting us from the political Qibla of Muslims and Christians, ie, Al-Quds and the Palestinian cause, and the aim was to change the compass through this terrorism and sedition among Muslims," he said, stressing the need "to be aware that the plan is continuing to target unity in Iraq, so as to create something similar to a border strip in northern Syria."

"Safety in Syria is a safety net for Iraq and Lebanon, and at least gives hope to the Palestinian brothers to recover their land and their rights," Berri concluded.

The Speaker later met with Francophone Parliament Speaker, Jacques Chagnon, with talks touching on strengthening cooperation between Lebanon and the Francophonie.

Source: National News Agency