Berri meets with family of released Lebanese emigrant Hassan Jaber in Ain al-Teeneh

House Speaker Nabih Berri received at Ain al-Teeneh Palace this evening the brothers and family members of Lebanese emigrant, Hassan Jaber, who was detained at Addis Ababa Airport during his return to Lebanon, who came to thank Berri for his support in this case.

Attending the meeting was also the Continental Council Head at the Lebanese World Cultural League Abbas Fawaz, and Head of the Lebanese Community in Gabon Imad Jaber.

On emerging, Jaber said: "We came to thank His Excellency, House Speaker Berri for his efforts in following-up on the case of my brother, Hassan, with all its details from the very beginning, alongside the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

He added: "We must also thank the Gabonese government, which played a role in the return of Haj Hassan Jaber to Gabon, and who will be in Lebanon in the next two days."

Jaber concluded by revealing that "the visit was also an occasion to listen to a briefing by Speaker Berri on the nature of the problems faced by Lebanese emigrants abroad, especially relating to the airlines issue," noting that the Speaker promised to follow-up on this matter and ensure all possible support to Lebanese emigrants in this respect.

Source: National News Agency