Berri reiterates need for swift government formation

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Wednesday reiterated the need for the formation of the government, which "has become extremely necessary."

Speaker Berri's stance came during his weekly meetings with MPs, bringing to attention the seriousness of the current economic situation in Lebanon, based on facts.

"If government formation is of prime importance, intergovernmental cohesion is even more important," he corroborated.

The Speaker reiterated his call for law enforcement and the formation of regulatory committees.

Visiting MPs relayed the Speaker's intention to call for a general legislative session to be held before the end of this month. Visitors said Berri has summoned the Parliament's Bureau body for a meeting tomorrow for this purpose.

Berri finally said, according to his visitors, that there will be no problem over the ministerial statement after the formation of the government, since it will bear the essential headlines of the current government's statement.

Source: National News Agency