Berri urges need to approve budget

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, said during the Wednesday parliamentary gathering that the President of the Republic, whom he contacted today, "stressed that the priority is for the adoption of the budget."

"As previously expressed, the Council of Ministers should accelerate the approval of the budget which was completed by the Minister of Finance, and refer it as soon as possible to the House of Representatives," said Berri.

"If the budget does not reduce the deficit by more than 1 percent, it means that the country will be in a bad situation," he warned.

Pertaining to the US decision to consider the Golan Israeli, and the reactions to it, Liberation and Development MPs said such a decision is a threat to Lebanon and a violation to international laws.

On a different note, Berri cabled Speaker of the House of Guinea-Bissau, Cipriano Cassama, congratulating him on his election, and to Guinea-Bissau MP Hussein Kamel Farhat, congratulating him on his election as well.

Source: National News Agency