Bijari: We Are With The Desire Of The People Of Basra To Establish The Basra Region

Basra MP from the province of Basra, Zahra Al-Bijari said "We are with the desire of the people of Basra to establish the region of Basra, which is a public and legal demand guaranteed by the Constitution.

Al-Bijari said in a statement to the (NINA): "The decision that has been taken by the Basra Provincial Council yesterday to activate its decision to turn Basra into a province is a constitutional decision and a public demand, which will come with positive results and will benefit the province and its people after keeping away from routine and abhorrent centralization.

She added, "In 2008, the provincial council submitted a request to the Electoral Commission to hold a referendum on the establishment of the province of Basra, but it failed after 10% of the votes could not be obtained".

Al-Bijari said "There is no appropriate or inappropriate time to take such a step or a decision, but the political circumstances and the implementation of the demands of the masses are the ones that decide on the transformation of Basra governorate to the province of Basra to get rid of the injustice inflicted on it and on its people.

The Basra provincial council decided on Monday to confirm its previous decision to turn Basra to a province, to protect the city from the "abhorrent centralization" after it was signed by 20 members out of 35 of the members of the council.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency