Blocs / Saeron, Wisdom and National / declare their political program of the coalition of the national majority

Baghdad, The blocs, Saeron, Wisdom and National / announced the principles of the political program of the National Alliance for the Post-2018 Elections, which includes clauses to be applied within specific time limits.

A meeting was held between the representatives of the political blocs / Saeron, Wisdom and National /. The meeting agreed on the principle of the national majority and the commitment to the unity of Iraq and the constitution and the consolidation of democracy and public freedoms, and that the coalition is not limited to the national majority In the formation of the government only, but continue to build the strategies required by the next phase of the consensus forces formed the Alliance according to mechanisms to be determined later.

"The majority of the national patriarchal majority is a government program that can be achieved within specific time limits, including economic reforms, state rents, revitalization of the private sector, investment development, decentralization, non-politicization of government and administrative departments and the military establishment. To review the administrative system and the laws and decisions inherited from the former regime within a specified time frame, the return of displaced persons and the provision of conditions of return appropriate to them, and the formation of the Federal Service Council within six months from the date of the formation of the government.

It added: "The government program also includes mechanisms to combat corruption and prosecute spoilers, and that the Prime Minister implement the government program in specified time limits, specifying the specifications of the following positions / President of the Republic, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister, government cab, and positions provided by the Constitution with no stay by acting ".

"The program also includes the approval of independent bodies with ministerial cabins, ensuring the independence of the judiciary and reforming the judicial system, building balanced regional and international relations based on common interests, non-interference in internal affairs, enacting the law of the Union Council and working with it within two years, building the state of principle of citizenship and equality by enacting legislation that supports that.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency