Bogdanov to Abu Zeid says Russia will help calm Lebanon situation away from protests, road blocking

The Personal Representative of the Russian President in the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, on Tuesday welcomed Lebanese President's advisor for Russian Affairs, former MP Amal Abu Zeid.

The pair held discussions that lasted for almost an hour on the current situation in Lebanon, especially in light of the ongoing protests.

Bogdanov affirmed Russia's support to the unity and stability of Lebanon, and its keenness to prevent any external interference that might affect the stability and security of Lebanon; he also expressed his support for the President of the Republic and his stances "which fall in the best interest of Lebanon."

Bogdanov then reiterated his country's position "supporting the return of Syrian refugees to their country to salvage Lebanon and its economy."

He stressed the need to work hand-in-hand to explore all the means possible to help remedy the economic, security, and political situation, and finally pointed out that he planned to contact a number of Lebanese politicians and parties, with whom Russia has a friendship, to discuss with them the best means to calm things down in Lebanon -- away from protests, road blocking, and disruption of businesses.

Source: National News Agency