Bou Assi from Brussels: Repatriation of refugees an obligation, not a right

Minister of Social Affairs, Pierre Bou Assi, said on Wednesday that Lebanon, as well as neighborhood countries or perhaps more, have carried the heavy burden of the influx of Syrian refugees, with all the inflicted economic and social repercussions of such a displacement, particularly on infrastructure.

In an interview with Radio Monte Carlo while in Brussels to partake in the conference to support the future of Syria and the region, the Minister stressed that the return of Syrian refugees to Syria is an obligation, not a right.

He said statistics must be made on the number of refugees so as to pave the way for their return.

The Minister recalled having urged, since 2017, support for infrastructure in Lebanon that is most affected by the large number of refugees. He noted, however, that expectations of higher economic growth were not correct.

"We had received support amounting at $30 to $40 million, at a time when this support must be at least by $100 million," Bou Assi argued, noting that he had submitted such a request during the conference.

On the sidelines of the Brussels conference, Minister Bou Assi met with UN High Commissioner for Refugee, Filippo Grandi.

Source: National News Agency