Bou Assi says LF’s positive governmental initiatives met with negativity

Caretaker Minister of Social Affairs, Pierre Bou Assi, said on Wednesday that the positive steps that had been taken by the Lebanese Forces at the governmental level have been met with negative responses.

The formation of a government is the constitutional responsibility of the Prime Minister-designate, he told Orient radio station, noting that the President of the Republic may approve or disapprove of the Formula that is submitted to him.

The LF believes that the situation in the country could no longer tolerate procrastination or postponement of cabinet formation, the minister added, stressing the need to adopt the principle of fair representation.

No one is in a position to marginalize specific components in Lebanon, he added.

He finally reiterated his political party's commitment to the role of the Presidency of the Republic and its status, but not at the expense of the other components.

Source: National News Agency