Bou Saab after Strong Lebanon meeting: Preemptive diplomatic measure exposed enemy’s lies

The "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc held its weekly meeting this Tuesday at its headquarters in Sin el Fil under the chairmanship of caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, with talks touching on the latest developments at the internal scene.

After the meeting, MP Elias Abu Saab delivered the bloc's statement which dwelled on the position of the Foreign Ministry in response to Israeli slanders and attacks since Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations, its repercussions and what happened in Lebanon consequently.

The bloc "praised the preemptive diplomatic measure taken by Lebanon in the face of Israel. It served to expose the enemy's lies, on the one hand, and rebuff all of its pretexts to attack Lebanon, on the other hand."

"It was mandatory, for once, to expose the lies of the Israeli enemy which, we all know, never needed excuses. Today, however, given the strength of Lebanon and the strong Lebanese position, it [Israel] is looking for pretexts to justify itself to the international community for any aggression that may occur on Lebanon," Bou Saab said, noting that "the Lebanese diplomatic measure took the enemy by surprise. (...) It revealed to the public opinion that these lies are pointless."

Criticizing some Lebanese parties and media outlets for handling these Israeli allegations ad threats lightly instead of rising to the defense of Lebanon, he stressed that, regardless of the differences the best interest of Lebanon must remain above all considerations.

"Lebanon's interest requires that we stand as one united front when attacked by the outside, just as we faced the danger of terrorism on Lebanon," he urged.

Source: National News Agency