Bou Saab confers with British Ambassador, says Israel alone is responsible for the emerging crisis and its consequences

National Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab met this afternoon at his Rabieh residence with British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, with the latest developments on the Lebanese scene topping their discussions.

The British Ambassador expressed concern over these developments and said his country "urges both sides to show restraint and try to find a quick solution to end this crisis."

In turn, Bou Saab told Rampling that "ever since UN Resolution # 1701 was put into effect, the southern border of Lebanon has been calm in spite of the daily Israeli violations of this resolution. However, what happened a week ago, namely the flagrant breaches and blatant attack on the capital's suburb region, denoted a change in the rules of engagement by the Israelis that has led to the increased tension.

"Israel alone is held responsible for this new crisis and its consequences, stressed Bou Saab, adding that the Lebanese government, in turn, remains calm and stable and works hard to prevent the crisis from worsening."

Talks during the encounter also tackled the results of the Defense Minister's recent visit to London and the expected steps to implement the understandings agreed upon during said the visit, in terms of aids and advice to the Lebanese army on border control and the development and modernization of the army structure.

Source: National News Agency