Bou Saab from Hadath: October 13 is the beginning and we are keen on Lebanon’s reaching its goal destination

National Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab assured Sunday that "October 13 is the beginning, contrary to all those who bet on it being the end," stressing that Lebanon will progress towards its aspired destination.

Bou Saab's words came at the celebration marking the October 13th commemoration organized by the Free Patriotic Movement, which began shortly in the area of al-Hadath in presence of FPM Chief, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Displaced Minister Ghassan Atallah, Deputies Hikmat Dib, Alain Aoun, Ceasar Abi Khalil, Ibrahim Kanaan and Selim Aoun, and several other officials and prominent dignitaries.

"October 13 is the beginning of the word of truth, the beginning of a leader who has proved to be the only unbeatable leader because he speaks in the name of the people and in the name of dignity," said Bou Saab.

"We stress today that our dignity and patriotism have remained in the blood of the martyrs who have fallen for the homeland," he added.

"We have heard the words of the President, General Michel Aoun, when he said that we mourn the lives and blood of the martyrs, but their souls and blood were sacrificed to preserve dignity. Today we are entrusted with this dignity, this country and the path established by President Aoun," Bou Saab went on.

The Defense Minister vowed that efforts shall continue in line with the President's teachings and aspiration for achieving change and reform to ensure Lebanon's rise from its crises, despite all obstacles and against all odds.

"His Excellency the President, has taught us to follow in the footsteps he has set for us, the path of true sovereignty and independence," Bou Saab corroborated, adding, "We are concerned only with the interest of the homeland."

Source: National News Agency