Bou Saab meets Lassen, Grindlay, Kubis

National Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, on Friday received in his office at the Ministry the EU Ambassador, Christina Lassen, who congratulated him on his ministerial post.

Ambassador Lassen expressed the EU's willingness to strengthen cooperation with the Lebanese army and the Ministry of National Defense, hailing the achievements of the military institution in countering the ongoing security threats.

For his part, Minster Bou Saab thanked the EU for its steady support to the Lebanese army and its ongoing support to Lebanon in addressing the refugee crisis.

"Strengthening relations between the Lebanese army and the European Union is one of my priorities," he said.

Later, Bou Saab received in his office the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Rebecca Grindlay, who congratulated him on his ministerial appointment.

Talks reportedly touched on the current political and security situation in Lebanon and the region.

During the meeting, the diplomat congratulated the Lebanese army for its success in preserving the security and stability of the country. Grindlay also renewed Australia's commitment to supporting the Lebanese army.

Bou Saab then met with the special coordinator of the UN Secretary General in Lebanon, Jan Kubis, who congratulated him on his new post.

The security situation in the region, Lebanon's commitment to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and the development of the army's capabilities, in particular the Lebanese navy, featured high on their talks.

Source: National News Agency