Breaking News … Masum: Iraq Has Been Able To Restore Its Place At The Regional And Int’l Levels

Baghdad, The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, in his speech at the opening of the parliament session, said that: "our meeting is a historic moment coincided with victory over terrorism.

Masum said in his speech at the opening of the first session of the House of Representatives. "Iraq has been able to restore the confidence and realism of its place at the regional and international levels."

Masum expressed his hope that the current session will enrich the parliamentary practice and go beyond the mistakes of the past stages.

Masum added, "The fruitful relationship between the authorities must be in full respect of the provisions of the constitution,"

Masum said: "We are keen to give the House of Representatives the authority to exercise its functions as scheduled."

Masum said: "We must seek to achieve the interests of Iraq and not the interest of a particular party."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency