British Ambassador visits Khodor over issues of common interest

Baalbek-Hermel Governor Bashir Khodr, received on Tuesday in his office in Baalbek the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, with talks featuring high on issues of common interest.

Khodr welcomed Ambassador Rampling in the district of Baalbek-Hermel, describing the meeting as "very good and fruitful" at more than one level.

Khodr thanked once again the UK Embassy for lifting advise against travel to Baalbek, followed in this reagrd by other western embassies, thanks to the security plan that began in summer 2018, as he said.

"This helped Baalbek to be the only region of Lebanon witnessing economic improvement in summer 2019, especially in the field of tourism," Khodr corroborated, saying figures for the current year have been the best since 2004.

Khodr added he discussed with Rampling a number of projects to be funded by the British Embassy in Baalbek, notably in the domains of agriculture and tourism.

Ambassador Rampling, in turn, said he was pleased to visit Baalbek today, deeming Baalbek as an important city to Britain.

Rampling cited a number of UK-funded developmental projects for the region of Baalbek, saying he explored with Governor Khodr means of cooperation in future tourism and agricultural projects.

He also brought to attention that the UK has lifted advice against travel to Baalbek last December 2018, based on the improved security situation and the security forces' maintaining stability and border security.

Rampling also voiced his country's continual support to the Lebanese army and the government's plan to protect the Lebanese border.

"We shall continue to support the Lebanese army," Rampling maintained.

Source: National News Agency