British Embassy statement on the verdict in Becky Dykes’s murder trial

In a statement issued by the British Embassy in Beirut on the verdict in Becky Dykes's murder, it said: Rebecca (Becky) Dykes was a talented, devoted humanitarian, whose skill, expertise, and passion improved the lives of many people. She was an impassioned advocate for those who most need support, a true friend of Lebanon, and an outstanding representative for the UK. She had an exciting, bright future ahead of her.

Becky was also a hugely popular member of the British Embassy in Beirut. Her energy, smile, determination, kindness, and positivity are fondly remembered by all.

The British Embassy hopes that for those close to Becky, the Court's decision will provide a degree of closure. While we welcome the guilty verdict, the UK government continues to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances.

The British Embassy would like to thank the many Lebanese authorities and officials who have responded to Becky's murder with the utmost professionalism and compassion. The Embassy is also grateful to the individuals, foundations, and organisations that have kept Becky's memory alive and continue her good work.

Becky was much loved and is deeply missed. The Embassy would like to take this moment to express its deep and continued sympathy with Becky's colleagues, friends, and above all, her family.

Source: National News Agency