Bteish meets UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy, Egyptian Investment Minister

Trade and Economy Minister Mansour Bteish, on Monday welcomed in his office at the Ministry UK Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Lebanon, Lord Richard John Grenville Spring, accompanied by British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling.

Discussions reportedly touched on the current situation in Lebanon.

Minister Bteish touched on the country's monetary, financial and economic situation, underlining ongoing work to "improve the national industrial and agricultural productive sectors as stated in the McKinsey report."

Bteish also called for strengthening cooperation between the two countries and for further UK involvement in Lebanon.

The Minister thanked the United Kingdom for providing surveillance equipment to the Lebanese army to monitor the land border.

The British Envoy, in turn, praised the Lebanese government's efforts to strengthen partnership with the United Kingdom, noting that the McKinsey report highlights important sectors of the Lebanese economy to investors.

On the other hand, Bteish met this afternoon with Egypt's Minister of Cooperation and Investment, Sahar Nasser, accompanied by Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Nazih al-Naggari, in the presence of the Director General of the Ministry of Economy, Alia Abbas.

Both sides followed up on the agreements reached at the meeting of the Joint High Committee.

Source: National News Agency