Bukhari meets Arab Tribes Union

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaire, Walid Bukhari, welcomed on Wednesday at the Embassy in Bliss a delegation of the Arab tribes Union in Lebanon.

The delegation also included sheikh from the Lebanese regions of Wadi Khaled, Dinieh, Koura, Tripoli, Shecca, Khaldeh, Neeneh, the South and the Beqa.

In his delivered word, head of Arab Tribes Union Sheikh Jassem al-Askar, voiced the Union's solidarity with Saudi Arabia and its supportive stance to Prime Minister-designate Saad al Hariri.

Delivering a word in the name of the Arab Tribes' Union, MP Mohammed Suleiman, for his part, lauded the Saudi Kingdom's relentless work to achieve rapprochement and unity, with its permanent emblem to bring together Arabs and unite their word.

The Lawmaker also hailed the Kingdom's permanent support to Lebanon during all its ordeals, saying Saudi Arabia has always been the main support to maintaining Lebanon's security, stability and the advancement of its economy.

Sleiman confirmed that the Arab tribes in Lebanon shall uncompromisingly uphold and adhere to the bridges of communication and affinity with the Saudi Kingdom.

Source: National News Agency