Bukhari meets Lebanese Saudi Business Council

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaire, Walid Bukhari, on Tuesday welcomed at the Embassy headquarters a delegation of the Lebanese-Saudi Business Council.

The delegation included head of the Economic Committees, Mohamed Choucair, Council President Raouf Abu Zaki, and other economic magnates.

The meeting also took place in the presence of Embassy Economic Advisor Marwan al-Saleh.

As per a statement by the Lebanese-Saudi Business Council, it said the purpose of the visit was to express solidarity with the Kingdom and to underscore the importannce of its supportive role to Lebanon.

Bukhari appreciated the solidarity initiative, announcing a qualitative leap in economic relations between the two countries after the formation of the Lebanese governmment, as per Council statement.

The statement said discussions touched on 21 bilateral agreements between Lebanon and the Kingdom, pending government formation.

Source: National News Agency