Bukhari says Saudi leadership keen on Lebanon’s stability, restoring its role in the region

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaires in Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, stressed that his country's leadership is keen on Lebanon's stability and restoring its prominent role in the region.

Addressing a crowd of political officials and diplomats during the 88th Saudi National Day ceremony held at the Seaside Pavilion - BIEL in Central Beirut on Saturday evening, in the presence of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, Al-Bukhari praised the significant role of the Lebanese community residing in the Kingdom.

"The real wealth of Lebanon lies in its people, who have spread throughout the world leaving a significant mark everywhere, and have been a source of pride for their country," he added, noting that the Lebanese are distinguished by their culture and ability to overcome obstacles and tribulations.

"The Lebanese community in the Kingdom has managed to occupy an exceptional position in the social and practical life of Saudi Arabia. The Lebanese residing there are an integral part of the Saudi social fabric in particular, and the Gulf in general. The coexistence between the two peoples is reinforced by their joint Arabism, and the humanitarian aspect that has been the Kingdom's motto ever since its establishment," Al-Bukhari went on.

"This legacy of distinguished relations leads me to emphasize the keenness of the Kingdom's leadership on Lebanon and its people, in all their sects and regions, and on the security and stability of this good country and the importance of restoring its prominent and effective role among the countries of the region," the Saudi Charge d'Affaires emphasized.

Coinciding with the International Day of Peace, Al-Bukhari indicated that this Saudi national occasion is a chance to recall the Kingdom's position that has been reinforced by its policies and foundation constants day by day.

"Today, the Saudi diplomacy has become a national message and an international responsibility based on common human values for international peace and security," he asserted.

Al-Bukhari also highlighted the Saudi Kingdom's continuous endeavors "to employ its parallel relations and movements on the international scene, and to coordinate positions and visions with its Arab brethren countries to positively influence international engagement with the Arab world, and to promote a common Arab system of action."

Source: National News Agency