Cabinet adopts border control strategy

The meeting of the President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired today a cabinet meeting at the Grand Serail. After the meeting, the Minister of Information Jamal Jarrah read the following official information: "The cabinet session ended with the approval of most of the items on the agenda, most important of which is authorizing the Minister of Communications to renew the agreement with the Cypriot company (CYTA) to extend a new submarine cable in place of the existing cable that provides internet to Lebanon. Minister Choucair will renew the agreement and launch a new tender for a new line between Cyprus and Lebanon.

The second important item is the adoption of the border strategy, which aims to control the border with neighboring countries. The third item is the air strategy presented by the Minister of Environment. A meeting will be held tomorrow at two pm".

Question: Why wasn't the budget discussed today?

Jarrah: Because we took time to approve the agenda items, and tomorrow there will be a meeting to finish the budget.

Question: Yesterday you talked about all the issues discussed in the cabinet session, except the tax on "What's up". Who proposed this increase?

Jarrah: Yesterday, a decision was taken in the Cabinet of an increase of 20 cents. The proposal came from the Minister of Communications.

Question: Does this decision apply to other things than "What's up"?

Jarrah: It applies to all OTT Voice Over IP, knowing that anyone can send voice messages, pictures and videos at no cost except for the voice call, which costs 20 cents once a day.

Question: What about the revenues of such a decision?

Jarrah: 200 million dollars.

Source: National News Agency