Chamoun on his Party’s 60th anniversary: To continue working towards aspired goals, rendering Lebanon’s interests above all

National Liberals Party Chief, Dori Chamoun, vowed Saturday in a ceremony marking the Party's 60th anniversary "to continue to work along the same historical path," recalling both the Party and Lebanon's history and praising their shared relationship of "sacrifice and giving".

In his address marking the occasion, Chamoun spoke about the many difficulties faced by partisans, despite which they held on and remained faithful to their commitment.

"We are all sons of one institution and we must work as one hand and one heart, because this is the only way to succeed," he said.

"There is no place in the Party for those who work for personal interests, but rather all partisans have to work to achieve the Party's aspirations with Lebanon's best interests above all others," stressed Chamoun.

Source: National News Agency