Chehayeb to graduates of Children Cancer Center: You did not demand exemptions, you battled through the pain and succeeded

For the eighth consecutive year, the Children Cancer Center in Lebanon organized a ceremony at the "Charles Hausler Hall" at the American University of Beirut, titled "Path of Joy", under the patronage of Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Akram Chehayeb, distributing diplomas to thirty-six pupils undergoing treatment as the facility, 13 of them having earned their brevet degree and 23 having passed the high school (baccalaureate) diplomas after taking the official exams this year at the center.

In his speech, Chehayeb paid tribute to the graduates "who believe in education and hold on tightly to life", and to "the family of the Children Cancer Center and the sacrifices of its volunteers."

He said: "With you we acquire the virtues of patience and giving, and with the donors the virtue of doing good deeds. You have faced pain with a smile, and persevered in your lessons. You neither asked for exemption from exams nor did you make objections. You deservedly succeeded. You deserve to win and succeed, and deserve all the facilities to follow the path towards a better future."

"Helping others is the most noble of messages," he concluded. "Keep planting hope; hope for a better future for you and the nation."

Source: National News Agency