Chidiac partakes in ‘Open Government’ conference in Morocco: For commitment to United Nations Convention against Corruption

Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Dr. May Chidiac, participated in the international conference on "Open Government and Access to Information" in Morocco under the patronage of King Mohammed VI.

In her delivered word at the Conference, Minister Chidiac expressed her deep admiration for Morocco's commitment to innovative technology and public service practices, as well as its success in joining the "Open Government" partnership.

Chidiac also pointed out that the Lebanese government despite difficulties has adopted concrete steps to build an environment conducive for an open government.

"We are now on the right track," Chidiac corroborated.

"Lebanon is a member of the International Convention against Corruption and the Ministry of State for Administrative Development has been the focal point in assessing Lebanon's progress since 2009."

"In preparation for our next report, we will move faster to demonstrate our commitment to the United Nations Convention against Corruption and related sustainable development goals," Chidiac said.

Chidiac outlined the steps adopted by Lebanon in this regard, citing the example of the law of the right to access information, the law of protection of whistleblowers and electronic signature.

Source: National News Agency