Chinese Vice President Arrives In Diwaniyah To Sign Investment Agreements And MoU

Diwaniyah Chinese Vice President for Economic Affairs (Liu Bo) arrived in Diwaniyah today to discuss economic cooperation and implementation of investment projects in Diwaniyah province.

"A Chinese delegation headed by the Chinese vice president for economic affairs met today with the head of the provincial council Jubair Salman al-Jobouri and Diwaniyah governor Sami al-Hasnawi," a source in Diwaniyah province told NINA.

He added that "the delegation will visit a number of sites and laboratories, which are hoped to implement investment projects by the Chinese side."

He pointed out that it is scheduled to sign several agreements and memorandums of understanding on Sunday with the government of Diwaniyah to implement several investment projects in the province.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency